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Safely putting your confidence and trust in professionals with an impressive 35 year history as they continue to pursue their tireless passion doing the work they love.

About Us

Las Vegas K-9 Academy is owned and operated by a husband & wife team, Diana & Ron Voorhies. Diana has over 40 years of experience as a professional dog trainer and top breeder of Germany's finest German Shepherds.


Diana Voorhies


Diana Foster-Voorhies is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and has over 35 years of experience training & breeding. Her passion and love for dogs has resulted in a very successful lifetime spent doing what she absolutely loves and enjoys. She has appeared on TV with Caesar Millan and is also featured in one of his bestselling books, 'How To Raise The Perfect Dog'.


Ron Voorhies

Professional Dog Trainer

Ron works with his wife Diana in all aspects of the business.
He is an excellent trainer and has developed a passion and natural skill over the years while working with dogs.

Las Vegas K-9 Academy Mission Statement for Training

To patiently guide dog owners and educate them on how to handle, train, and establish an appropriate relationship with their dogs, so that all families may live in peace and harmony with their best friend, for life.

Las Vegas K-9 Academy Mission Statement for Breeding

To responsibly breed for the very best in temperament, health, and beauty, and to keep the same dog, in one home, for life.

Our Philosophy
on Training
Our Philosophy
on Breeding
Our Approach
Corrections & Punishment
Our Philosophy
on Training

Our Philosophy on Training

Positive Reinforcement Training ‘A Better Approach’

It’s best to have your dog trained using valued rewards for ‘correct’ behavior which will increase the desired response, versus punishment and corrections for not getting it right which causes stress and confusion.

All dog owners are dog lovers or they wouldn’t have a dog. But when they are out of control and unwanted behavior’s flare up, people are no longer enjoying their dog. They then reach out to dog trainers and for many - we are their last hope.

You can rest assured that Las Vegas K-9 Academy trains and conditions behavior with positive reinforcement methods.


K9 111
Our Philosophy
on Breeding

Our Philosophy on Breeding

Most breeders release puppies to their new owners at 8 weeks old, some even as young as 5, 6, and 7 weeks of age.

As Certified Dog Trainers, we see numerous cases in young adolescents and adults with various behavioral issues, such as harmful play biting, dog to dog aggression, people aggression, fearful behavior, hyperactivity, and many displacement behaviors, all causing much grief and expense for their well-meaning owners.

Most of these issues could have been eliminated and prevented, had the breeder properly conditioned the pups before releasing them to their new owners, not allowing them to leave before 10 weeks of age.

KP 333
Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach is simple, what is the dog trying to tell us? We look at the problem behavior from what is going on inside the dog. What is his emotional state when he displays this behavior? If its stress, why is he stressing? What is bothering him? What is he getting out of it? How is it rewarding him or helping to release tension?

There is always a reason for any behavior, good or bad. It is important to access the emotional state of the dog when he is misbehaving. Rather than ‘correct’ the inappropriate behavior, we take the time to look deeper into the dog’s emotional state and anxiety level and focus on reducing his stress and or confusion.

When we change the emotion, we can change the behavior. We can then teach a new behavior, by redirecting and rewarding when the dog makes the right choice.

K9 444
Corrections & Punishment

Corrections & Punishment

Corrections and punishment do not permanently stop or change unwanted behaviors. You may subdue it for a while, as many dogs just shut down out of fear and associate the behavior with your presence, falsely leading many people to believe the correction ‘worked’. 

When the owner is absent the dog will continue with the exact same behavior he was previously corrected for, as he gets relief from even more pent up stress caused from the corrections and he will continue his old habits as he hasn’t learned what to do instead.

If the owner continues to ‘correct’ over and over again, this will snowball into increased stress and frustration from the dog as he now learns to fear his owner, and he will continue with his bad habits as a way to help release his tension and thus creating a vicious cycle.

Please note: Aggression breeds Aggression! When you get rough with any dog, he will eventually get rough with you.




Diana Foster-Voorhies, CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Accessed)

3071391 - by CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers)


Featured in 3 DVD’s and TV shows on National Geographic with Cesar Millan
Featured In Caesar Milan’s book: “How To Raise The Perfect Dog” Through Puppyhood and Beyond
Article published in latest book from APDT: ‘Top Tips from Top Trainers’
Articles published with Dog Training Magazines
Featured on ‘The Pet Place’

Work & Experience

Over 40 years in Dog Obedience Training, specializing and excelling in Behavioral Management and hard to handle dogs

30 years responsibly breeding German Shepherds

15 years competing in AKC Obedience trials earning many 1st place awards & trophies for highest scores

19 years in German Conformation (showing and handling)

Competed in many Seiger Shows both in the US and also in Germany.

Mentor Trainers for ABC (Animal Behavioral College)

Traveled the country doing seminars and talks on dog behavior & proper handling to specific groups including instructing trainers and new owners with diabetic alert dogs

Expert witnesses on vicious dog attacks

Volunteer work with Animal Shelters/Rescues

Volunteer teaching TLC class for children under SPCA

Volunteer service dog trainers for special needs individuals

Associations & Memberships

BBB Accredited Business A+ Rating (previous business-'Assertive K-9 Training')

5 Star Google rating
APDT – (Association of Professional Dog Trainers)

IAABC – (International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants)

GSDCA-WDA- (German Shepherd Dog Club of America-Working Dog)

AKC – (American Kennel Club)

SV – (Verein fur Deutsche Scheferhunde, Germany)

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