Client Testimonial – ‘Trained Puppies’

She did ‘Puppy Training Course’ before taking the dog home.

Purchasing a new puppy is a very exciting time and it is hard to resist the urge to take the puppy home as soon as possible.  However, by taking advantage of the puppy training program at Las Vegas K-9 Academy, you will reap the benefits for a lifetime.

Before we purchased a puppy and had invested in the training program, we didn’t know, what we didn’t know about raising a puppy.  We have owned German Shepherds for over 30 years, but it wasn’t until we found Las Vegas K-9 Academy, that we realized the value of puppy training.  They not only teach the puppy, but also give you the tools to have a happy well-adjusted dog.  Not only did this training make it much easier and pleasant when we brought our puppy home, we had a calmer, well behaved dog for his whole life.  By starting the puppy off right, we laid a foundation for a great relationship with our new dog.  There was no frustration over chewing, jumping or other destructive behaviors.  Once our puppy finished his training, we simply continued what he had been taught.  The true value of the puppy training program is a lifetime of benefits.  People would often stop us to comment on how beautiful and well behaved our dog was.  We took him everywhere.  He behaved at home and in public.

We are purchasing our 2nd and 3rd puppy from Las Vegas K-9 Academy and have enrolled them in the puppy training program.  We wouldn’t think of buying a puppy from anywhere else, nor would we consider NOT having them trained.


Donna Mann