Private Training

Ideal for owners who want to learn how to train their own dog with the aid of one of our professional trainers coming to your home or meeting at a local park.  You will learn how to use positive reinforcement to teach your dog basic manners and also address any behavioral issues you may be having.

In-Board Training

Geared for owners who just don't have the time or patience to train their own dog. Your dog will stay in the comfort and safety of the trainers home as he goes through the course, which will eliminate the stress and confinement of a typical boarding kennel.  This course also includes a full year guarantee.

German Shepherd Puppies

Our puppies are 100% German-bred from the very best in Germany, resulting in absolute sound and 'calm' temperaments, ideal for families who want a friendly, confident, social dog, and also one who will stand his ground to protect when needed - which includes early socialization, conditioning, and training.


Our Philosophy

Our approach is simple - reward the dog for 'getting it right' or for appropriate behavior; ignore non-cooperative responses or inappropriate behavior. There are no 'bad' dogs.

Their behavior is simply a result of the environment they are raised in and the experiences they've learned from. Dogs will learn to do whatever works to get them what they want. Many people unintentionally reinforce the exact behavior they are trying to eliminate, regardless if it is positive or negative just by giving it attention.

Corrections and punishment are not only not needed, but do not stop the misbehavior on a permanent basis, and only cause mistrust and fear in the dog which ruins his relationship with you, and oftentimes creates aggressive behavior as now the dog has to defend himself to avoid pain.

Here at Las Vegas K-9 Academy, we train with positive methods taking our time with each dog we work with and patiently educating frustrated owners on how they can get the desired behavior they want from their dog, just by following our simple and easy guidelines. We make training fun and the dogs are eager to learn with our creative methods!

About Our Trained Puppies


Once we help you pick out the right puppy for you, we can also train him before he comes home. The training begins at just 8 weeks old and takes about 4 weeks. Training includes walking on a loose leash, sit stay, long 30 minute down stay, 'Go to Bed', come when called, crate training and Housebreaking.

The price for our puppies does not include training. Our current training fee is $3295.

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