Certified Dog Trainers

Training for ALL breeds, 8 weeks and up


What is In-Board Training?

This course is ideal for busy dog owners who just don't have the time or patience to train on their own. Your dog will be a guest in our home while being trained for basic obedience and manners. We will also address and focus on any behavioral problems which are a concern for you, and work on turning those around to more appropriate behavior. This has been our most popular and effective course over the years.

We board and train all breeds and sizes of dogs.

We board and train all breeds and sizes of dogs.

All of our In-Board training is customized to meet the needs of your dog and family.

Our certified dog trainers have over 40 years of experience and use positive reinforcement along with proven methods including: operant conditioning, desensitization, and generalization (dog is worked in different locations, both in the family home and in various outdoor environments).

Using open communication, we set realistic goals in order to address unwanted behaviors, establish and improve good conduct, and establish a training routine.


  • VIP Luxury accommodations
  • DOG TV / Pools / Music
  • 24 Hour supervision
  • Quiet atmosphere-Dogs trained in our home / daily walks to nearby park
  • Field trips to various locations for distraction training
  • Air conditioning and water misters in the summer
  • Heaters and blankets in cold weather
  • Supervised play time, socialization, and exercise in huge yards
Basic Obedience
Behavioral Training
Basic Obedience
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Come when called
  • Walking on loose leash
  • Wait at doorways
  • Go to bed when told
  • 30 minute down stay, with distractions
Behavioral Training
  • Jumping up on people
  • Play biting
  • Destructive chewing
  • Digging
  • Nuisance barking
  • Housebreaking
  •  Bolting out the door/running away
  • Aggression towards people or other dogs
  • Annoying guests
  • Fearful behavior 

Included in our 'In-Board' Course:

  • Personalized training by the owner-Diana Voorhies, CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) #3071391 
  • 6 weeks -daily training & behavior modification by a Certified Trainer
  • daily exercise & playtime in our magnificent 1 acre property
  • VIP Boarding- Dogs live with us in our beautiful home
  • Distraction training -includes field trips to various locations 
  • 24 hour supervision
  • one year guarantee
  • gentle leader training collar
  • imported leather leash
  • baths
  • free shuttle-pick up & deliver your dog
  • lots of hugs and kisses!

Total fee: $6000. - 6 week course


An evaluation of your dog is very helpful for our trainers so that they can see beforehand your dogs specific temperament and train-ability and learn about his background and history. We can then tailor a specific training program geared to fit your needs and goals for your dog.

If you register for our In-Board course the evaluation fee will be deducted from your training costs.

Fee: $100.



After Training Benefits

 Upon completing our 'Full Course' you will receive:

Full 'In-Board Training Download'-
What to expect once your dog is back home with you, explaining in detail appropriate & healthy relationships between owners and their newly trained dog - necessary for a successful transition from our home to yours

Up to 12 months of free unlimited private sessions in your home with one of our trainers.


Our Facility

All of our in-board guests stay with us in our home as they go through their course. Training along with behavior modification is taught in our home with minimal distractions and later taken out in public.

Home Training


Park Training

City Training

City Training