Note: Due to the Corona Virus, our Private Training Services are currently on hold. Our main concern is to keep our Clients and Trainers safe & healthy.
We are here for you!

All training sessions, along with help with behavioral  issues, tips on puppy raising, and very helpful seminars on various topics on will be held through Virtual Training. Please call our office for more information and scheduling. 951-218-0566

Certified Dog Trainers

Training for All breeds, 8 weeks and up


Private Training

Private training is ideal for people who would like to train their dog themselves with a Certified Trainer as their coach. Meet with a trainer once a week for six consecutive weeks in your home or at our local park.

Many people enjoy the convenience of a flexible schedule and one-on-one personalized help & guidance, both with learning how to train their own dog and also helpful tips on behavioral problems. 


  •  Flexible schedule
  •  Personalized training program
  • You don't have to part with your dog
  • Door to Door service
  •  Learn a new skill!

Ideal For

  • People who prefer to train their own dog
  • Those not comfortable parting with their dog for several weeks for In-Board Training
  • Specific behavioral issues that require the full and immediate personal attention of a professional dog trainer
  • Dogs not suitable for a group class, which requires them to be sociable with other dogs and people
  • Dogs that lose focus from the unpredictable distractions of a group class
  • People who have difficulty attending a group class with a rigid schedule

Enrollment Information

An evaluation is required before enrolling in Private Training so that we can properly access your dog and further discuss your needs and goals.

  • Evaluation Fee: $100.
  • Fee is deducted with sign-up of Private or In-Board Training

Private Training Fee:

  • Cost: $1,100 – $1,300
  • 6 consecutive weeks
  •  One year guarantee

Call to schedule an evaluation from our trainer - 951-218-0566