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Our Mission Statement

To responsibly breed for the very best in temperament, health, and beauty, and to keep the same dog, in one home, for life.

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Protect your home & your loved ones. 

Our whole world has changed and the future is very uncertain. Now is the time to consider bringing into your home - a well bred German Shepherd - a superior dog specifically bred for family protection, loyalty, comfort, friendship, and gentleness.

for 'The best security and peace of mind'
German Shepherds
Bred right, Raised right, Trained right!

Two litters due
mid March, 2021



Red Bull vom Kapellenberg copy 2 (1) copy
7-Red-Bull-vom-Kapellenberg-h copy
Mercedes Von Thinschmidt
Angie copy

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please click on the following link, fill out and hit 'Submit'-  or call us - 951-218-0566 if you have anymore questions.

Parents are direct German imports & are all certified for hips & elbows


Bred for confidence / socialibility / calmness / beauty

Our puppy prices range from $3400. -  $3700.(deposits are $500).

Once you purchase your puppy, allow us to train him before he comes home, curbing unwanted puppy behaviors and teaching appropriate manners early on....

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